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New Amazon SEO: Seller Tips and Tricks for 2021

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

We created 6 Amazon SEO Tips to Boost Your Amazon Listings and Sales for 2021. Amazon accounts for 43% of all online sales in the United States. This retail giant is one of the largest and fastest-growing retailers on the web sites. Many businesses sell products on Amazon, you need to focus on Amazon search engine optimization (SEO) in 2021. On this page, we’ll discuss 6 tips to help you use Amazon SEO to improve your rankings. If you want to learn more, visit our blog page.

Amazon SEO 2021
Amazon SEO 2021

1. Conduct keyword research

If you’ve used SEO previously, you probably know how to find a hot keyword about your products. With Amazon SEO 2021, keyword research has some similar qualities to traditional SEO, but with some more buyer-focused attributes.

In traditional SEO, we want to focus on long-tail keywords. These are keywords are three or more words. When people search for products on Amazon, they use long-tail keywords to find your products.

Long-tail keywords always help more interested leads find your product listings in the Amazon search page. It is an important thing in you to focus on all relevant keywords. You don’t want to miss out on potential leads because you didn’t include certain keywords in your Amazon product listings.

Once you select your keywords, you need to integrate them into your specific listings. We need to use them in places like the product titles and descriptions. We will use these techniques first in Amazon SEO 2021. This will help your products appear in search results for those keywords.

2. Manage your reviews

Reviews are a crucial part of any business. They will be the reason a person buys your products or decides to pass. It is important that you manage product reviews to help improve your Amazon SEO 2021 campaign.

For the most part, the products at the top of Amazon’s search results generally have four or more stars. These are products that have great reviews and people enjoy. You want to encourage your audience to leave feedback about their experience with your products.

Amazon SEO 2021
amazon seo 2021

3. Optimize your title

[Brand] [Feature] [Material] [ Key Ingredients] [Product Type] [Model Number] [Size] [Package Count] [Color] [Flavor]

The way you format your title will affect where you appear in the search results. It’s important that you include all vital elements into your title.

This is the general rule of thumb for how to order your title. These categories may not all apply to your products, but you want to use the ones that do. The order of your title impacts how your audience finds your listings, so it is important that you stick to the proper order.

Amazon SEO 2021
amazon SEO 2021

4. Follow image guidelines

Images play a vital role in the purchasing process. People need to see products from different angles to get a better sense of how the products look. It’s a key component to help build confidence and trust with your audience — especially since they can’t physically see the product in front of them.

Amazon encourages you to use product images that are larger than 1000x1000 pixels. This is because they have a zoom feature that allows users to zoom in one image when they are above that dimension. If you want to provide a more positive experience for your audience, you need to use images that are larger than the previously stated dimension.


5. Consider your price

Pricing is an important factor for consumers. They want to get the best product for the least amount of money. When you post your product on Amazon, you need to look at how your competitors’ pricing.

If you’re selling your product for $100 and all your competitors have a similar product for $20 - $30, you won’t help your Amazon SEO campaign. In fact, your product list won’t rank because it is too expensive. Your audience will choose a cheaper product that suites their needs.

6. Use bullet points in product descriptions

When you post a product, you probably have a lot you want to say about it. After all, you really want to sell your audience on the benefits of your products compared to the competition. When you do this, it is important that you break down your information so it is manageable for your audience to read.

The best way to do this is to break down your product descriptions into bullet points. It’s an easy way for your audience to digest the information. People like when information is concise and easy to read.

Please visit our blog page. You can find more blogs about increasing your amazon sales here.


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