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On Page SEO Services (A Story Based Approach)

We have a story for you. Skynet Agency teaches its on page SEO services via a story. Our starring character is dr. SEO again in this story. Dr. SEO has always been a successful doctor. An internet site that needs medication (optimization) consults to dr. SEO at Skynet Agency one day.

On Page SEO Services

English Language Portal Consults to dr. SEO One Day

A site named English Language Portal consults to Skynet Agency for optimization. Skynet Agency director assigned the task to dr. SEO who is always at Skynet Agency. Dr. SEO prepares a medication plan (optimization plan) for English Language Portal. His medication list consists of mainly on page SEO services because this English language portal is an old internet site. Because of that, so many people know it and it has so many reputation outside. Dr. SEO decides this internet site doesn’t need any off-page medication (optimization) and implementing a good medication will be best for this site.

Dr. SEO Prepares an On Page SEO Plan

Dr. SEO starts with a medication plan. This site will be better within a month by this medication (optimization) plan by a study of 2 hours a day.

Dr. SEO lists the list of tools he would need in his medication plan. The curatives for this website are;

  1. Screaming Frog SEO Audit Tool

  • This tool analyzes the patient site’s link structure. For example, are there any malfunctioning vessels on the site. (3xx redirects, 4xx errors, 5xx server errors)

  • Any URL errors on the site

  • Any page title errors on the site

  • Any meta description errors on the site

  • Any H1, H2 errors on the site

  • Any content issues on the site

  • Are there any heavy workloads on the site body (I mean huge images exceeding 100 kbs or 200 kbs) etc.

2. SEMRush SEO tool

  • Lists all ranking keywords with their traffic, volume, keyword difficulty, CPC value by domain overview section.

  • There are so many good features of SEEMRush,

!!!Here you will find a free month use of SEMRush. You only need 2 dollars in your virtual credit card. You will have a "one month free SEMRush membership" After the trial it is more than 100 $ a month. But you don't have to renew your membership. BUt we suggest that you renew your membership if you are doing SEO for some purposes. !!!

One Month Free SEMRush membership link:


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