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Updated: Dec 28, 2020

WordPress SEO services are our work for more than ten years. Skynet SEO services is a startup agency, but we have tremendous experience in WordPress SEO services. We do not only create successful WordPress websites, but we also do its SEO work for more than a decade. I am the responsible staff of the SEO service of Skynet Agency, and I have implemented so many WordPress SEO projects so far. We do international WordPress SEO projects, and we have also created German, Turkish, and Spanish SEO Works. Our staff is capable of creating Russian, French, or Arabic and any World languages.

WordPress SEO Services
WordPress SEO Services

Skynet WordPress SEO Campaigns

Our WordPress SEO campaigns start with an SEO Audit of the WordPress site. There would always be some errors on your site. Skynet's SEO team continues with the elimination of errors on your WordPress website. We have a holistic search engine optimization process. Skynet knows search engine algorithm needs to index your website. We also do a backlink analysis of your website. After eliminating dangerous backlinks for your website, we start our work.

  1. We choose the high volume and buyer intent keywords.

  2. We take an SEO audit of your website.

  3. We eliminate structural SEO errors on your website.

  4. We continue with speed optimization.

  5. After that, we continue with your competitive analysis.

  6. We create SEO-friendly contents for your website.

  7. Skynet's web experts implement the best user experience and user interface practices.

  8. We start to analyze your competitive analysis and create better content according to your website's needs.

  9. Our next stop is off-page SEO. We do image, text, infographics, and video SEO. We benefit from tools like Pinterest, Flickr, Linkedin, Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc. We only do ethical SEO practices.

  10. We create on-time SEO reports weekly. Our weekly SEO reports include your keyword indexes. We also serve you your website traffic graphic.

WordPress SEO Services
WordPress SEO

Search Engine Optimization and WordPress

WordPress is famous for its SEO friendly structure. But why? or how? One of the reason is WordPress is user friendly, but it is also very suitable for creating links. Google likes links. And other search engines like Bing or Duckduckgo find their way via links. WordPress is also famous for its SEO plugins like Yoast, Rank Math, and most historically, All in One SEO Pack.

Yoast SEO Plugin and WordPress

Yoast SEO plugin is our choice for nearly all of our SEO studies. There are many other WordPress SEO plugins, but Yoast is doing our work by its simplistic and easy to use style.

Technical SEO and WordPress

Speed optimization is the most technical part of WordPress SEO. You will need some or more coding knowledge to have a fast WordPress site. There is a famous saying for WordPress lovers, "There is a plugin for that," but there must be higher knowledge on this issue for speed. To have a fast WordPress website, you would need a Skynet expert. We are here for all your SEO needs with WordPress, with any other CMS or code system.

Skynet WordPress SEO Experts

We are the best SEO expert team in New York or work for the USA in the World. Our experts are SEO-friendly content creators, backlink suppliers, technical SEO experts, and many more.

For the rest of our article, we will give more information on our WordPress SEO services.

Our WordPress SEO circle;

After some corrections on your WordPress Website, we add your website to Google Search Console. Your XML site maps are entered into the search console, and then we request an index from Google.

2.Our next job is adding your website to Google Analytics. We inspect your analytics reports (demography, hours with the most traffics, etc.)

3.We do corrections that are wrong on your website, and we continue with better techniques.

4.After doing keyword research, we create well organized and SEO friendly content for your website.

5.User experience is Skynet's roadmap on WordPress SEO services. Colorful, responsive, mobile-friendly websites are our target.

6.Then, we study your meta descriptions and others on your website.

7.To sum up, we do your on-page SEO and continue with your off-page SEO needs. Skynet WordPress SEO services affect your website traffic more than Google ads.

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